Asian Local Leaders Organization for Humanitarian Aid (ALLOHA)

ALLOHA was established in April 2017, to advocate for humanity, registered as a national organization in Afghanistan, ALLOHA works with the following vision ,mission and objectives .

Vision  :

    ALLOHA’s vision is to see resilient and dignified Asian lives.

Mission    :

 Mission of ALLOHA is to make an effective contribution to empowering and resilience communities against all types of disasters with dignity, and to promote effective measures for local capacities mainly through media & Education.

Objectives :

  •  Working with like minded Humanitarian organizations and contributing to fulfilling the WHS objectives set in 2016 in Istanbul Turkey and SFDRR-2015 Sendai Japan.
  • Working Nationally, regionally and globally by raising awareness, building solidarity and partnership for a better humanitarian action,
  • Working for establishment of National Humanitarian Database Centers (NHDC) in the country of operation and promoting Humanitarian researches,
  • Advocating for implementation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and educating youth to influencing and monitoring the Humanitarian laws, policies and practices of state and non-state actors, national and regional bodies and institutions.