Agency for Rehabilitation & Energy Conservation in Afghanistan

Agency for Rehabilitation & Energy conservation in Afghanistan (AREA) is established in 1991. It is a non-governmental, non-Political and non-for profit organization. AREA is trying to achieve peace through community ennoblement in Afghanistan and overall goal is to contribute towards rehabilitation and Development of Afghanistan in an environmentally sound manner.

AREA is going to establish a strong base through change in Behavior within target communities for and environmental Friendly and self-reliant rehabilitation and development.

AREA has a decentralized structure with offices in four different Geographical zones in Afghanistan. Well-equipped regional offices in Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Badakhshan and Nangarhar provinces along with sub-offices in Ghazni, Maidan Wardak ,parwan, samangan & Takhar provinces are responsible for carrying out projects/programs in these and their surrounding provinces.

Vision :

AREA envisions the achievement of peace and stability in Afghanistan through enabling the communities, and believes that empowering communities at the grassroots level is the key to having a developed and prosperous Afghanistan

Mission :

AREA’s overall goal is to contribute towards rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan in an environmentally sound manner

Type of Activities :

  • Agriculture Development
  • Community Development
  • Environment Protection (Alternative Technologies, Community base mine clearance)
  • Vocational Education Training
  • Emergency Relief Programs