Kabul Press Club

KPC has established in October 20014 KPC & received its operation license through the approved reference number from Ministry of Culture and Information. KPC always warmly welcome and open its doors for all national and international journalists.

Vision : 

To be the coordination center for the journalists in the country where they could get together and better coordinate their activities and conduct effective media collaboration with each other. KPC is also looking forward to attract the government attention toward its engagements throughout the country and seek a well know reputation in the future.

KPC helps to ease the distance among the people and government and release information on public issues. In addition KPC facilitates the press conference as per the public and journalists demand to protect their rights.

Mission :

  • Support journalists in provision of employment opportunities and introduce them to other media organizations
  • Facilitate all public, private institutions, individuals and social assemblies with conference arrangements and services.
  • Become a focal point for both government and journalists to ease the information flow among each other and help them avoid waste of time while visiting the line ministries.
  • Deliver capacity development programs to government officials in order to teach them how to behave with the journalists and collaborate to receive constructive information.
Deliver media awareness short term workshops and seminars to Afghan National Police both in Kabul and provinces to reduce the violence that journalists face every day from police side.