Organization for Humanitarian and Development

OHD was established and registered with Ministry of Economy on 20/03/2013 with having 2874 registration number .

Vision : 

A developed Afghanistan, with a strong civil society and good responsible governance, a country free from poverty, illiteracy and discrimination, where equitable access of all citizens to basic social services, social rights and information is provided, all rights and freedoms recognized by the national constitution and international conventions are fully respected and our cultural values and heritage are preserved.

Mission : 

OHD is a proactive player and a strong advocate in the rehabilitation, reconstruction and sustainable social and economic development of Afghanistan and in the promotion and strengthening of Afghan civil society as an active and vibrant force and partner in this process.

Fields of Activities : 

  • Active partner in SER for WFP in FSAC cluster,
  • protection of conflict IDPs, returnees;
  • Agriculture development
  • Community development
  •  Health, Education , Nutrition and WASH intervention