Sharq Institute of higher Education

SIHE founded In 2010 by the decision of CEN members to further accomplish its strategic goals & to fulfill the needs of the contemporary world not only focusing on conventional education, but vocational and disaster related education which will be the main focus.

Vision : To create a sustainable society via social justice, fully educated society with the support of world- class faculty.

Mission : Sharq Institute of Higher Education enables each student to become broader in perspective, more literate, ethically more sensitive, and to participate and support wisely in the process of community resilience and DRR.

Field of Activity :

  • SIHE beside providing higher education, conducts Training, development and research which are the key areas of its operation. The goal is to move forward towards a civilized, educated and developed society with the objective of providing Afghanistan with professionals with higher ethical and humanitarian values.
  • To educate youth with humanitarian principles, resilient communities and DRR.