Participation of CEN members in the 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on DRR in Bangkok Thailand

The AMCDRR global meeting took place on 22-26th June in Bangkok Thailand that more than 2,500 participants from all around the global such like government agencies, non-governmental, civil society and the United Nations came together that more than 800 were from civil society.

The aim of this world summit was to have discussion about the ten years back DRR achievements reports in which 160 country of the world joined the hands to cope against natural disasters, beside that at this Summit the future plans and the new procedures of coping with natural disasters has discussed, thereupon the draft this global discussion will be finalized in the next DRR conference which will be held in Sendai Japan in 2015.

As CEN members were also the part of this world summit and have their responsibilities to come together with their fellow citizens & cope with natural disasters and use their humanitarian technical power in this way.

The establishment of Gorbat Radio Television that through that the public awareness programs will be broadcast and the SHARQ University is the source where students can learn about the DRR knowledge.